Artist Statement


I make prints.  I cut and carve woodblocks, stencils, and paper to make highly meticulous, crafted unique pieces and editioned work generated by the multiples that I produce. Through every stage of my image development, form the pristine cuts found in my woodblocks, the precise digitally developed drawings used in my silkscreen images, to the fastidious paper cutouts in my completed prints and low-relief printed constructions, I focus on the manipulation of my surfaces.  It s through the craft of making my work and the resulting printed images that I meld together abstracted and readable letterforms, symbols and motifs from Western Middle Eastern, Far Easter (Japanese and Chinese), Meso-American, ancient writing systems, contemporary graffiti, calligraphy, charts and maps.

By using coding found within these pictorial structures, I have created a system of symbols, icons, readable and undecipherable written forms, with my prints displaying a matrix of patterns, words and hidden messages.  Evoking the viewer’s curiosity, my prints demand to be read as a map, landscape, or a visual text that must be decoded through imaginative interpretation.  With no natural focal point within the expanse of pattern and letter forms, the viewer’s eye “flows” continuously, following the lines and seeing a variety of intricate structures, relationships and coded messages.  My intention is for the viewer to read my images, delve into its layers, clue into its history, and observe the amalgamated language, reminiscent of familiar letter forms, texts, patterns of the visual forms in our surroundings.

So as to remove my imagery even further from its original written sources, I excise segments of my drawings, dissecting, layering repositioning my imagery, and reassembling the newly composed forms into symbols and icons that have become the core of my current work.  I am constantly modifying my imagery, reconstructing and reinterpreting my complex forms into novel permutations that are visually, technically and conceptually connected and related.

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