I have started to accumulate materials from my printing process.  No, this does not include the finished print, as I keep those too, but what is needed to make the print, the printed stencils on both paper and Mylar, my masking sheets and even the cut-out shapes left from laser cutting.  Obsessive, definitely.  Needed, I can finally say YES! Recycling, you bet, and for an artistic purpose!

At the time, I have no idea why I need these papers and cut out sheets of plastic, but like my artwork, I subconsciously let my ideas come together know their purpose will just come to me when needed.

Right now, I’m only going to write about my masking sheets, these beautiful printed papers, that I use to block out major areas of my prints.  These papers, mainly used as backing sheets for printing my Urbanized images, have multiple colors on them, that are spontaneously printed on top of each other.  There are often divisions on each sheet formed by where my blocks may have ended or where a stencil was overlaid on the sheet.  They are really cool, so I keep them.

I am not ready to part with many of the photographs I took as source material for Reflections within the Grid, so I am making an artist book of woodcut prints using these images. Of course, like most things I do, there are multiple formats involved in each print project, so in addition to a book, I am making a print installation that includes all seventy-five prints.  The prints are 6” x 6”, so it is not as grand as it sounds. The book is organized by shape, with sections on circles, rectangles, squares, triangles, diamonds grids, lines and abstract shapes. All of the images are printed in black and white, and…… on my masking sheets!  Now I have a lot of masking sheets, with some being complete images that were used to cover the centrally placed images in Rw/iG, so that the background image could be printed around it.  With so many new images to print, I clearly will be making a dent in my abundant leftover masking sheets.

My Mylar stencils are a totally different story, which I will share in a later post, so stay tuned…. And No, I am not a pack rat.