Frank Stella Prints at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

Frank Stella, Juam, mixed media print, 1997

Frank Stella, Juam, mixed media print, 1997

While visiting Zach in Madison several weekends ago, we had the chance to see  an outstanding overview of the prints of Frank Stella from the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and his Family Foundation at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art.  I’ve been a big fan of Stella’s work for years, and seen his early prints numerous times, but haven’t had the opportunity to view such a cohesive grouping of his printed images together.  I was so taken by his Moby Dick and From Imaginary Places 11 images, and how he has woven materials, imagery, form, pattern and space all together.  The scale of these unique works permits you to view them from a far, yet you are quickly drawn in to look at all that detail, texture  and intricate, interwoven forms.  What eye candy!  It was such a treat to see prints of his from the late Sixties to 2000 all together in one space.

“Stella changed the traditional tools and techniques of printmaking to advance his notions of an assertive and viewer-engaged abstractions.  In doing so, he redefined the modern print.  Weaving it all together and forming the wholeness of his art is his desire to create works of great immediacy, whose vibrant color, emphatic forms, and dynamic spatial qualities wrest the viewer’s eye and mind with their arresting beauty.”

Richard H. Axsom, Senior Curator, Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

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