Following in the footsteps of my dad, an amateur Pointillist painter.

Having not had the chance to really know what it is like to work full time as an artist for at least forty years, I often have to remind myself that this is real, and it really isn’t going to end.  I have thrived during my academic career, gaining friendships, experiences and knowledge that has made me really appreciate my next step, retiring to become a full- time artist.  I have learned so much about life, myself, and with age, wisdom really comes, and now I get to put all of this into my own artistic practice.

I am so thankful to have time and my health. I enter my studio everyday realizing how lucky I am to have this space, surrounded by nature, lit by sunlight, where I have the privilege to make art, take risks, think and for now tackle my long list of ideas/projects that have patiently waited so long to become real.  I constantly battle with myself, should I just be starting something new or let my new ideas brew, so they have the time needed to develop and become what they should be.  Let them use my current work as a catalyst, stretching their options even further.  And then, as an epiphany, I realize, what’s the rush, I am no longer working on a semester schedule, I can do this every day. And I do.

My studio is a place of refuge and solace.  It is here that I find peace, quiet and do the thing that keep me mentally, physically, intellectually and spiritually going each day. I only share the space with my dogs, who I believe go there for the same reasons that I do, to bask in the sun and enjoy their lives in my sacred space.