Reflections within the Grid: Laser- Etchings

Incised Tapestry Laser Etchings

Visually woven together through pattern, shape, texture and an ever present grid found within all thirty-four laser-etched images, Incised Tapestry presents a unique way of viewing photographs taken in Tokyo, Shanghai and New York.  Due to their distinctive presentation, (of backlit laser-etched photographs that are incised into both front and back surfaces of a sheet of paper), emphasis is placed on the patterning and repetition of lines and shapes formed by the inscribed grids consistently found in each piece.

Digitally manipulated photographs shown on top of each box were scrupulously paired with a counterpart piece (shown on the opposite side) to create a dynamic visual relationship emphasizing formal qualities while also highlighting place, narrative and a sensitivity to the depicted culture.  So as to accentuate the carved surfaces and laser-etched translucent areas that connect raised lines and shapes, the superimposed photographs are presented as an illuminated work, precisely positioned in the irregular pattern of lit windows seen at night. Aspects of the image are revealed in time, as images on the backside of the sheet emerge slowly, providing detail, context and additional patterning to the image on the front. Light boxes of different sizes and depths are positioned to accentuate height, proximity and to contradict the structural grids found within the gallery space. Expanding upon the concept of “the grid” and paralleling urban design and planning, electrical wires connecting the units to each other and their power sources remain visible, creating spontaneous, organic lines and shapes that contradict the geometric forms and structure of this uniquely designed grid.



Laser etching is a process where the laser is configured to only remove the top layer of paper in varying and exactly calculated depths without damaging the reverse side of the paper. The laser incises the image into the paper, changing its tone in the burned areas. When etched with different “designs” on both sides of the paper and illuminated from the back, unpredictable marks and patterns occur, displaying delicate relief of exceptional precision, with variations in value of the paper’s tone.



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