Black and White Woodcuts

My black and white woodblock prints fuse signage, symbols and written forms.  Through the use of my unique language/text and pictograms, these prints investigate different structural divisions and matrices that define my compositional space revealing a synthesis of form, and separating them from their literal meanings.  Through spatial divisions indicating time, these prints reveal a literal and compositional story with graphic marks, geometric forms, and abstract symbols, allying them with symbolic, coded “picture-writing”.  These prints, ranging in size from 2” x 4” to 30” x 44”, utilize a self-designed language to deconstruct words, and fuse many of my diverse artistic and intellectual interests together. In order to emulate and emphasize the objects of my research, my images are printed on unique handmade papers, accentuating age, tactile qualities, embodying a sense of history, time, and indecipherability.

Overtime, my black and white woodcut prints have evolved from images of tree branching patterns that emphasized the design and structure of nature’s patterns, architecture, and physical force to images fusing signage, symbols, and written forms together.

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