•  Think Scrabble but instead of using recognizable letter forms, 1” x 1” square abstract icons and symbols tiles derived from letterforms, symbols and charting systems extracted from Western, Middle Eastern, Far Eastern, Mesoamerican writing systems. When assembled in different permutations they combine to create ideal, imaginary environments structured by different matrixes, overlaying grids and patterns alluding to systems, conditions, structures and signage.



Paring down my imagery to its most simplistic unit, a 1” x 1” square, I create complex scenarios that when seen individually or joined together in different combinations emulate urban utopias.  Often taking on pictograph-like qualities, each square is highly detailed and patterned and easily interrelates with similar one-inch forms. The intricacy of my imagery is further heightened in my printing process, as I overlay multiple woodblocks, generated from joining these small compositions together, into large interrelated images, creating complex prints alluding to my interests in urbanization, architecture, maps, diagrams, Asian print culture, Asian and Islamic calligraphy, patterning, textiles and signage.

Transitioning from a single, simple square to a complex, rich and highly layered image, my prints, abundant with detail, use calligraphic marks, lyrical lines, patterning, grids, ideograms and icons to create an abstract language that alludes to signs and systems that are almost legible, and familiar – but not quite. Being intricate, condensed and illegible they provoke the viewer to question the picture presented before them, examining each distinctly formed mark, which is discrete and familiar in its character, but as unreadable as any unfamiliar icon.  Evoking the viewer’s curiosity, my prints demand to be read as a map, landscape, or a visual text that must be decoded through imaginative interpretation. With no natural focal point within the expanse of pattern and letter forms, the viewer’s eye “flows” continuously, following the lines and seeing a variety of intricate structures, relationships and coded messages.

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