Word Map Woodcuts and Grids

Similar to the conceptual approach used in my Mayaglyph prints, Word Map woodcuts dissects and reassembles drawings from earlier prints, creating cartographic images with glyphs and graphic marks found throughout the series.  Some of the same patterning found in these prints has also been used in both woodcut and silkscreen methods as the backgrounds in my Alphabetic Excursions print series.  These images were conceived as individual prints, triptychs (see below), as part of the Word Map Grid chine digital media and woodcut chine colle prints and as material for artist books (Word Map 6).


Much of my work over since 2012 has been generated off of this digital image, with the squares applied to different grids and formats.  These one inch by one inch images can be seen as cryptic, indecipherable letterforms, topographic symbols or landscapes.  Through the repositioning of the squares, I have created images that compose different variations of Word Map and play an accenting role in my Labyrinth: AMazeMeant silkscreen constructions.  When put into repetitive patterns, they become the basis of my Kaleidoscope woodcuts, a series of relief prints emulating Japanese Katigami stencils and the printing methods used in making kosode/kimonos.  You will find these glyphs present in all of my current work.


18-Hours,-16000-Miles,-500-Tiles, Digital Print, 54″ x 44″, 2011

Six prints are included in the Word Map Grids series.  Digital chine colle images of selected squares found below were printed on Unryu paper, with the borders surrounding each square cut out, leaving the long Kozo strands to connect all of the images.  Back by archival mat board, these grids were then mounted on top of my Word Map woodcuts, which had been printed on black paper with graphite ink.

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