Reflections within the Transitioning Grid: Reliefs

Motion sensor installation, reliefs and laser etchings, 2017

Laser fabricated reliefs translated the   landscapes, topographic maps and abstract imagery found within the reflected grids. Extracted shapes, details and patterning from quadrants of  the master digital drawing used as the visual foundation for the motion-sensor installation, became layered relief topographies describing the dimensional attributes of our subject.   The fifteen reliefs further accentuate the connection between the installation and the printed objects by relating all of the works through their subjects, grids, lines, shapes, layering and their physical creation via laser cutting. Select sections from the master drawing were pared down to basic structures void of color, patterning and detail.  Emphasizing the depth, lines and shape made by cast shadows, the reliefs were designed and fabricated on the laser cutter using white mat board of varying heights layered into contoured vector-cut planes..  Through lighting changes prompted by motion sensors, the linear activity of the resulting shadow play is constantly in flux, creating different compositions from the viewers’ movements.  Hung on the outside walls of the related installation, the viewer gets a modified preview of what is yet to come.

Reflections within the Grid, digital drawing, 2017



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