Woodcuts, 38.5" x 14.5" (each), 2016

Urbanized # 1-6, Woodcuts, 38.5″ x 14.5″ (each), 2016

I create complex scenarios that when seen individually or joined together in different combinations emulate urban utopias.  I see patterns contained within gridded configurations in all that surrounds me; I examine and extract aspects of landscape, architecture, signage, data and maps, to create active abstract surfaces reflecting the essence of my chosen environment, all alluding to my interests in urbanization, architecture, maps, diagrams, Asian print culture, Asian and Islamic calligraphy, patterning and textiles methods of way finding.

These prints combine aspects of five related woodblocks that are individually masked for every color run for each individual print.  Although tedious in their making, I have found this new approach to my work most rewarding.

Urban Scrawl 1 Woodcut, 14" x 78" 2016

Urban Scrawl 1 Woodcut, 14″ x 78″ 2016

Urban Scrawl 2, Woodcut, 14" x 78", 2016

Urban Scrawl 2, Woodcut, 14″ x 78″, 2016

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