As a printmaker I am experienced in all areas of print media, with my work focusing on a specific approach over a period of time in the development of a body of work.  Technical process and craftsmanship are crucial elements in the creation of my images, as individual stages and intermediary steps are crucial elements in the creation of my images and are essential to the indirect methods of making prints.  I have been able to capitalize on the depth and tangibility of the printmaking media, highlighting the graphic marks and subtle surfaces available in these methods through the use of my personal marking systems, the technical approaches and printing techniques available to me and the choice of a wide variety of printing surfaces.

Conceptually, my prints have been developed in a serial/sequential format, where visual elements are continually repeated, repositions and recycled in different arrangements and contexts.  My methodical approach involves continually reworking and layering my images, moving forms into various matrices to indicate time and movement, then printing them in different orders and combinations, resulting in an array of different outcomes.  Marks, forms and information are carefully revealed through the layering process, with the resulting translation and transition of words into images and images into words playing a crucial role as my prints engage the viewer through imaginative interpretation to decode what is presented.  Through this process, I continue to discover new, randomly established visual combinations that provide new directions for my work.


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